Jimmy Fallon drives F-150 Lightning, Bronco Raptor, Mustang Shelby

Ford CEO Jim Farley snaps a photo of

Comedian Jimmy Fallon stopped by the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn on Friday afternoon to hang out with Ford CEO Jim Farley and factory workers who build the all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck, the Free Press has learned.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” host spent nearly an hour touring the new factory with Farley and plant manager Corey Williams and Fallon Gates, a manufacturing communications specialist who guides on-site tours.

“I am not sure who enjoyed the visit more, the employees at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center or Jimmy Fallon,” said Fallon Gates, who had her own very funny moment introducing herself to the famous visitor. “Everyone was all smiles. Jimmy said that the tour really blew his mind.”

Jimmy Fallon was making a few stops in metro Detroit; this was just one, Ford said.

Factory workers cheered the actor, who starred on “Saturday Night Live” as did Chris Farley, the late cousin of Jim Farley.

They flocked to get photos taken with the TV host, and many asked the CEO to snap images using employee cell phones as fast as they could make it happen.

Factory workers yelled, “We love you,” and Fallon yelled right back.

The TV host, who has spent time on his talk show discussing the infamous “frunk,” stopped by the site to meet workers who install the enormous front trunk in the pickup.

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Fallon tweeted May 21 a video of himself singing “Junk in my Frunk.”

On Friday, he showed UAW employees photos of his older F-150 and talked trucks, trucks, trucks.

Ford confirmed the information provided to the Free Press about the afternoon event.

The lighthearted get together between Farley and Fallon comes a week after Ford released second quarter adjusted earnings of $3.7 billion, which exceeded industry expectations. The Lightning plays a key role in his Ford’s strategy.

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